Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clinique Take The day Off Cleansing Balm

I am very particular when it comes to cleansing. I don't have sensitive skin, I don't suffer from acne, but I can breakout like crazy if I don't cleanse my face properly. For this reason, makeup remover is a must in my routine. I am a fan of the MAC Cleanse Off Oil, I've been using the product to effectively remove my makeup close to two years now. So why switch to Clinique's Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm? I'm not really switching products, Clinique's Cleansing Balm is very popular and is consistently voted as one of the best makeup removers in the market, I just wanted to give it a try and see how it compares with MAC's Cleanse Off Oil.

The product is solid in the jar but turns into oil when applied and rubbed on the skin. It dissolves face and eye makeup including waterproof mascara. Even though this is a balm, it is not greasy at all. It feels light and smooth, and rinses off completely. After removing my makeup with this, I wash my face using my regular cleanser.

Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm and MAC Cleanse Off Oil are both great in removing face makeup. Both products are supposed to remove eye makeup too, and this is where I have issues. MAC Cleanse Off Oil will remove all my eye makeup including waterproof mascara and the thickest and darkest eyeliner, BUT when some of the product gets into my eyes, it makes my vision blurry for a minute. It goes away after I rinse my eyes thoroughly, but I know this will bother some people. I don't have the blurring vision issue with Clinique's Cleansing Balm, but it does not consistently remove all my eye makeup. Most of the time, it can remove only about eighty to ninety percent of my eye makeup. I have to use a separate eye makeup remover and Q tip to wipe off the makeup close to my lashline and inner corners of my eyes. 

I will be going back to the Cleanse Off Oil after I finish this jar ( if I'm not trying out another product ). I'm really not big on using a separate remover for my eye makeup, and besides,  I already learned to use the Cleanse Off Oil in such a way that the product don't get INTO my eyes. I also prefer the bottle and pump packaging of MAC, I just think it's more sanitary compared to scooping the product with my finger. 

Have you tried any of these products? Which do you prefer? What's the most effective makeup remover you used?


  1. I've never even heard of the Clinique one but it's strange to have it in a jar like that to scoop out. I also like a makeup remover that removes makeup and mascara... there's no point in using so many products to take the basics off!

  2. I love the packaging but I am a little bit concern about the way of application using our fingers. This is prone to contamination. I also prefer the MAC because it is safer and easy to use.


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