Friday, August 24, 2012

The Makeup Story

I'm often asked why I have a thing for makeup. As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in makeup. As a kid, I used to play with my older sister's makeup whenever she was at work. To stop me from messing with her stuff, she took me shopping and bought me my very first lipsticks. She bought me TWO (such a big deal to me at that time) and I was over the moon. Ever since that time, I dreamed of having my own drawer full of makeup. In high school, I would scrimp my already meager allowance and use whatever I saved to buy cosmetics. In college, I briefly sold Sara Lee cosmetics but I did not make any profit because I bought more than I sold :).

I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but I've always admired creative people. I always wonder where they get their ideas and are amazed by their talent in expressing those ideas. Whenever I read an article or watch a program on makeovers, I gravitate on how the makeup artist achieved the 'look', the hair and clothes are secondary for me. The first makeup artist I admired was Kevin Aucoin, I remember seeing him in Oprah years ago and was amazed by how he transformed faces with his brush and makeup. I often wonder what the beauty industry would be like if he is still alive today.

Makeup represent different things to me on different occasions. Some days I use makeup purely for vanity; on other days, I use it to hide my perceived physical flaws or enhance my appearance to help boost my mood or confidence; but most of the time, my makeup are my toys. Yup, I play with them. I spend many happy hours trying to recreate looks from magazines and tutorials (mostly by Lisa Eldridge) and give them my own spin. More often than not, I end up making a mess (and can't be seen in public), but I always enjoy myself and it relieves my stress.

I collect makeup and makeup brushes the same way that other people collect figurines, memorabilia, bags or shoes. I'm into makeup the same way that other people are into gadgets. I'm aware that makeup eventually expires and all that blah, but I don't care and I make no excuses for my passion. My interest in makeup is not just on wearing them, on most days, I don't even wear makeup. I also love looking at the colors and touching them to feel their texture. My interest extends to the beauty industry as a whole. I started this blog in part because I wanted to be a part of a community that have the same interest as I do. Any blogger knows that it takes a lot of effort to maintain a blog (even small ones) but we do it anyway because for so many of us, blogging is the way to express our passion. For my efforts, the sharing and enjoyment are the only reward that I need.

Please feel free to share your makeup story. Your links are welcome. Happy blogging everyone!


  1. Very interesting read, and I'm with you on most of the motivation that drives my passion for make-up!

  2. I thought i was the only one....I have the same thoughts and story,thanks for sharing!I HAD A TERRIBLE DAY BUT SOMEHOW YOU MANAGE TO MAKE ME SMILE!kEEP BLOGING BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Gazillion thanks! I'm glad that I was able to make your day better :-)

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