Friday, May 18, 2012

Rediscovering My Stash: Cargo Coral Beach Blush

Coral Beach was one of my very first blush purchase. I was new at makeup at that time and would not buy any product without first reading reviews, but I went ahead and bought this blush because I loved it on sight.

Coral Beach is from Cargo's trademarked beach blushes. The concept is to have a product that is both a blush and a bronzer. It has four stripes of peach bronze shades that can be used separately or combined depending on the user's preference. The lighter top two shades can be used as highlighter/blush and the bottom two shades can be used as bronzer. I prefer to swirl my brush in the pan and use all the colors together as one blush. The two bottom shades are too warm for me, but combining them with the top two shades gives me the perfect coral blush.

It is not visible in the photos, but the powder has very fine gold dusts in it that give a nice shimmery (not glittery) effect. It has a reasonable staying power, and depending on my application, it can last up to four hours on me before the natural oils of my face and the environment starts to fade the blush. Cargo's beach blushes are packaged in their signature round tin and Coral Beach contains 9g (317 oz) of product. 

Below is a heavy swatch of the individual shades as well as a  heavy swatch of the all the shades combined. I used my finger in swatching and the swatch of all the shades combined came out more bronze than coral. On the last swatch pic, I used MAC 165 brush to swatch the blush on my inner arm.

L-R: Coral beach swatched from top to bottom. The last one is a heavy swatch of coral beach with all the shades combined

All shades swirled and applied with MAC 165 brush

Coral Beach is one of my 'go-to' blushes. I sometimes stray when I discover or buy something new, but I always come back to this one. A  beautiful staple in my blush collection.


  1. This blush is gorgeous! My first blush also was from Cargo and I think their blushes and bronzers are amazing :D


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