Monday, May 14, 2012

Giorgio Armani Maestro Eyeshadow Quad in 02 Floral

I am a huge fan of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. So far, I have been very happy with all the products that I tried from their makeup line. From foundations, blushers, highlighters, lipsticks, mascaras to eyeshadows; I have yet to meet an Armani makeup product that I did not like.

The Maestro Quads have been around for years, but it was only last year that I was introduced to these lovely palettes. It started when I purchsed the limited edition 2011 Mediterranean Eye palette. I  was so impressed with the colors, texture and overall quality of the palette that I decided to get another one from the permanent line. The Maestro line has six different quads (Armani calls them harmonies) to choose from, and after some deliberation, I chose no. 2 Floral.

The Armani website describes the Maestro Palettes as:
Inspired by the rich colors of the rocks, earth, sea and natural vegetation of the Italian coast, these maestro eye shadow harmonies range from the classic armani matte shades of grey, black and navy to rich, iridescent hues of lilac and gold. The maestro eye shadow palettes are the first armani eye shadow palettes to be enriched with light Micro-fil™ silk powders that melt perfectly into the skin to layer transparent and iridescent effects.
No. 2 Floral has colors described as pink orchid, black rose, magnolia and day lily. I tend to use this palette more often than the Mediterranean Eye palette because the colors are softer and more wearable. I use either the top or bottom shades all over my lid, the second or darkest shade close to my lash line or on my crease and the third (lightest shade) as a highlight. The shimmer in the powders are very, very subtle which gives a nice iridescent effect. The eyeshadows on this quad will not give an intense color payoff on the first swipe. You will have to build the intensity by adding more layers. This allows you more control, but not very convenient when you are pressed for time. All the powders have soft, buttery texture and blend really well. I always use this with Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer and never had problems with creasing, although, I noticed that the eyeshadows sometimes fade after ten to twelve  hours of wear.

indoors, under fluorescent light

I love using this palette for work. The soft colors and subtle shimmer are always appropriate and gives me a break from my usual browns. If you love neutrals or simply looking for eyeshadows to wear at work or school, I highly recommend that you check out this palette, as well as the rest of Armani’s Maestro quads.

Here is a closer look of the palette.



  1. This palette is beautiful. I wish we had an Armani counter but unfortunately since moving to North Dakota I have discovered there are no high-end counters anywhere! No Chanel, no Armani, no Clarins...

    1. Even Chanel? That's too bad. I used to live in a town wherein the fanciest makeup you could get was Max Factor :). Thank goodness for online shopping!

  2. I wish I had purchased the Mediterranean Palette...I still regret it to this day =(


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