Sunday, April 22, 2012

CARGO The Big Bronzer

Bronzers are one of those products that can make a person look really good or really bad.  When applied properly with the right shade and the right amount of shimmer, a bronzer can give a beautiful sunkissed glow. On the other hand, using the wrong shade or too much of the product will make your face look dirty or give you that fake orange tan. You can even end up looking like you got sunburned.

As the name implies, Cargo's The Big Bronzer is huge. The mirrored round compact contains 25g (0.88 oz) of product. To be honest, it's the main reason that I bought the product in the first place. The thought of a bronzer that would last forever was very appealing to me at that time. It turns out, size is not the only thing that is good about this bronzer. 

The Big Bronzer is an oversized version of Cargo's famous medium bronzer. This version is designed to be used for face and body. The larger size is really convenient when using a  large brush like the MAC 134. The bronzer is sheer but, it can be layered to suit individual  complexions. Depending on your skin tone, you can use less or more of the powder. I think this is the reason that the bronzer works for a lot people despite the differences in skin tones. Also, the gold flecks in the bronzer are so fine and subtle it's not even visible in the pan. The result is a nice sunkissed glow without being over the top. 

heavy swatch

I don't wear bronzer as part of my daily makeup. I'm not big on bronzing and sculpting because I always have this little fear of overdoing it. Once in a while though, I like to make the extra effort and The Big Bronzer is the one I reach for the most. The powder applies and blends easily and most importantly, it does not turn orange. I like to use a big fluffy brush like the MAC 134 or a stippling brush like the MAC 187 to apply my bronzer. For sculpting, I still prefer Guerlain's Four Seasons Bronzing Powder because of its matte finish.

Summer is just around the corner and some of us will want the bronze/tan look. What are your favorite bronzers? Do you prefer liquids or powders? Do tell on the comments below :).


  1. That is soo true about bronzers, I slight error and it could turn into an oompa loompa , moment lol. This bronzer is huuuge!
    I havent tried any liquid bronzers, honestly, i'm not sure if I would like them. I love powder bronzers, Guerlain Terracotta bronzer is my favorite one. xoxo


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