Friday, February 17, 2012

Makeup Storage and Organization

If  you are a reading this post, you probably love makeup as much as I do and are looking for ways to store and organize your stash. I don't have the ultimate solution, but here are some ideas on what you can use to store and keep your stash organized.

Makeup Traincase

A traincase is not just for makeup artists. This is a good storage solution if you move around a lot or if you live in a small or shared space like a dorm. Most traincases have a lock so you can be assured that nobody is pawing your precious babies in your absence.

Vanity Organizer

Clear the clutter on top of your vanity table with a vanity organizer. For most people, this is enough to hold all their makeup or skincare products. For a makeup junkie, this will keep your 'daily' or 'most used' products.

Drawer Inserts/Organizer
Cutlery Organizer

Drawer inserts and cutlery organizers keep your drawers organized and prevent your makeup from rolling or moving around. No more digging at the back of the drawer to look for a blush or mascara.

Office File Organizer and IKEA Table Napkin Holder

Office file organizers and napkin holders are perfect to organize and keep your palettes upright. Another option are bookends.

IKEA Glis Box
This set of colorful boxes will hold your knick knacks and look festive at the same time.

IKEA Socker Galvanized Pot
IKEA Candle Holder

A small flower/plant pot, flower vase, candle holder, mugs and decorative jars are all good options to store and organize your makeup and hair brushes.

It took me some trial and error before I got to the point where I'm happy with my set up.  I'm not hundred percent satisfied, but I'm happy. My stash are contained in one area and I don't have to dig around whenever I put on makeup. I learned that there is really no single storage solution, so I will continue to move things around and change things while I dream of a custom-made vanity that I hope to own one day.

How do you keep your stash organized?


  1. I use lots of compartments and drawer inserts to keep my stash organized. I think it's a pretty neat idea to use file organizers too :D I hope to own a very customized vanity area one day =)

    1. I think every makeup junkie has a customized vanity in mind :)

  2. I love organizers, have a couple in a dresser drawer and so far my collection is contained there along with a brush and pencil holder that sits on top... but I really want a proper vanity, to sit in front and get ready every day :)


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