Sunday, February 26, 2012

Estée Lauder 2012 Blockbuster Makeup Set

I recently got Estée Lauder's 2012 Blockbuster Makeup Set. This is my first big purchase since I broke my 'no-buy'. To be honest, I'm not really into makeup sets, I just made an exception with this one, because I like and could use most (if not all) of the items. This set came with a perfume instead of the usual makeup brushes. There were three perfumes to choose from, Pleasures, Private Collection and Beautiful. I already had the pleasure of Pleasures and I was not sure about Private Collection, so I chose Beautiful.

The set is huge, there are a dozen items and it came in a huge red cosmetic case. Here are some information, individual photos and swatches of the items in the set.

Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact - Pure Color Eyeshadow (18)

Deluxe All-Over Face Compact - Silky Powder Blush (3), Soft Matte Bronzer (1)

Pure Color Gloss

Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick (3)

swatch of lipsticks and gloss

Artist's Eye Pencil (3)

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Beautiful EDP

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (I did not take a separate photo of this one)
Cosmetic Case

My favorite items are the lipsticks, I can't get over how beautiful the texture and colors are. The face compact is nice too, I used Rosette and Pink Kiss and both were flattering to my skin tone. I think the colors in the face compact are suitable to everybody. I also like the Artist's Eye pencils and my favorite is Slate Writer. The lip gloss is so-so (take note, I'm not a lip gloss person). The perfume is great, I'm glad they included this one instead of a mediocre brush. As for the Eyeshadow Compact, mascara and eye makeup remover, I have not played with them yet so I can't give an honest opinion.

I think this is a pretty good makeup set. This will make a good starter kit as it has everything you need as far as 'colors' are concern. Add bases, foundation, powder, some good brushes and you are good to go. If you want a more detailed review of any of the items, just mention it on the comments below. 

Have a nice day everyone!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Rambling: Favorite Books

I know that this is a makeup and beauty blog, but I thought I'll share the list of some of my favorite books that I made over at SkinnyScoop. Just to show that I have other interests aside from makeup :) and at the same time, to to get some reading recommendations. I love these books so much that I read them all at least twice. What book/s would you add to this list?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Makeup Storage and Organization

If  you are a reading this post, you probably love makeup as much as I do and are looking for ways to store and organize your stash. I don't have the ultimate solution, but here are some ideas on what you can use to store and keep your stash organized.

Makeup Traincase

A traincase is not just for makeup artists. This is a good storage solution if you move around a lot or if you live in a small or shared space like a dorm. Most traincases have a lock so you can be assured that nobody is pawing your precious babies in your absence.

Vanity Organizer

Clear the clutter on top of your vanity table with a vanity organizer. For most people, this is enough to hold all their makeup or skincare products. For a makeup junkie, this will keep your 'daily' or 'most used' products.

Drawer Inserts/Organizer
Cutlery Organizer

Drawer inserts and cutlery organizers keep your drawers organized and prevent your makeup from rolling or moving around. No more digging at the back of the drawer to look for a blush or mascara.

Office File Organizer and IKEA Table Napkin Holder

Office file organizers and napkin holders are perfect to organize and keep your palettes upright. Another option are bookends.

IKEA Glis Box
This set of colorful boxes will hold your knick knacks and look festive at the same time.

IKEA Socker Galvanized Pot
IKEA Candle Holder

A small flower/plant pot, flower vase, candle holder, mugs and decorative jars are all good options to store and organize your makeup and hair brushes.

It took me some trial and error before I got to the point where I'm happy with my set up.  I'm not hundred percent satisfied, but I'm happy. My stash are contained in one area and I don't have to dig around whenever I put on makeup. I learned that there is really no single storage solution, so I will continue to move things around and change things while I dream of a custom-made vanity that I hope to own one day.

How do you keep your stash organized?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Top Ten MAC Eyeshadows

I'm sharing this list of my favorite MAC eyeshadows that I made on SkinnyScoop. All are 'classic' shades from the permanent collection. They are available online or from any MAC store. What are your favorite MAC eyeshadows?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick In Crystal Orchid

Pure Color Crystal are sheer to medium coverage lipsticks that promises to be long lasting and fade resistant. According to Estée Lauder UK website, the lipsticks are enriched with apricot kernel, shea butter and  murumuru butter that leave the lips soft and creamy smooth. True Vision technology used on the lipsticks are supposed to give maximized color impact, magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension, and amplified brilliance.                   

Crystal Orchid is a beautiful berry-plum shade with gold shimmer. As mentioned, the lipstick is sheer. The first two coats of Crystal Orchid will give just a hint of color, and the intensity can be built by adding more coats. The swatches I made are at least five coats applied with heavy hand. This particular shade is very dark, I'm guessing that the lighter shades from the line will need even more coats to get more coverage. 

The formula of the lipstick feels so light that I can apply as many coats as I want and still feel comfortable. I don't get that 'I got lipstick on' feeling, and since it contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients, it glides on the lips on application and is never drying. As long as I don't eat, the lipstick stays on my lips. The lipstick is scented, and although I don't find the scent offensive, I am not a fan of it either.

This is my first lipstick from Estée Lauder and I am very pleased. I really like the formula and I'm loving the gold shimmer in Crystal Orchid. The packaging is also very pretty. I definitely want to check out more stuff from their range. I do want to try their eyeshadow quint, and if I can get my hands on the new spring powder gelee, I will be really happy :)

What are your favorite make up products from Estée Lauder?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guerlain Rue Des Francs Bourgeois Eyeshadow Palette

Rue Des Francs Bourgeois is part of Guerlain's Écrin 6 Couleurs Palettes that were released for the fall 2010 collection. The palettes, each bearing the name of a Guerlain boutique in Paris, are a permanent range and has become a 'must have' for any makeup lover. 

This is definitely the most beautiful palette I own and the most beautiful I have seen so far. The design is not just elegant, but also practical. The outer lid is decorated with an intricate plant pattern and the inner lid that opens out to the side contains a wide mirror. The palette has a magnetic closure and comes with a double-ended brush that actually works. The fluffy end of the brush can be used to apply color on the eye lid and the stiff side for lining. 

 Rue Des Francs Bourgeois is my go to neutral palette.  The first five colors are all work appropriate neutrals, a shimmery golden bronze is added to add brightness when a little drama is needed. Although, I love colors and shimmery eyeshadows, there are many occasions when I need to be subtle with my makeup. This palette is always handy during those times.

different swatch on natural light

Below is my preferred way of using the palette. I'm sure there are lots of different ways to mix and match to get the most out of this palette. I'm not really artistic, so I just go for the conventional way. Shades 1 and 4 are the only true matte. I think that shades 2, 3 and 5 are somewhere between matte and satin.  The eyeshadows have soft buttery texture that blends really well.

#1 shade - a matte beige that is almost invisible on my eyelids. I often use this as a base and under my brows.
#2 shade - a light sand brown, also almost invisible on my lids. I use it as a wash of color on the lid.
#3 shade - light reddish brown. Used as a wash of color on the lids.
#4 shade - black brown. Used as liner.
#5 shade - dark brown. Used in the outer V and as a crease color. Also used in the lower lash line.
#6 shade - shimmery gold bronze. I usually apply this on the middle of the eyelid to highlight.

Guerlain's Écrin 6 Couleurs have different palettes on their range to temp us. I want to collect all of them but, it's just too expensive and impractical to have them all. Last fall Guerlain released their Écrin 4 Couleurs palettes which have the same theme as the Écrin 6 minus two shades. My review on Les Bois De Rose can be found on the link below.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rediscovering My Stash: MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Joy

I had been off from work in the past four days and was planning to make as many blog posts as I can. But, as with many plans, that did not happen. I spent most of those four days in bed, I was sick the first two days and spent the remaining two trying to get my grove back. I have to get back to work today, hopefully I can finish this post and have it out before I leave.

Love Joy is Part of MAC's mineralize blush range. I hope they never discontinue this blush because it's simply beautiful. It's one of my very first blushes from MAC and probably the most pigmented blush I own.

The blush is a brown shade with gold pearls. It's very pigmented so, a light application is more than enough to give the cheeks some warm glow. The gold pearls in the blush are not overpowering at all, it just adds some nice shimmer which makes makes the blush interesting. The powder is finely milled and does not have the slightly rough texture that some baked mineralize powders have. I use MAC 187 brush or Lunasol Cheek brush to apply and blend.

I haven't broken my 'no buy' yet, as a result, I have been using some of my 'earlier' makeup a lot and discovering treasures from my own stash.  Love Joy is my latest discovery. This 'no buy' is turning out better than I expected.

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