Saturday, January 21, 2012

YSL 5 Colour Harmony For Eyes (02) Indian Pink

Indian Pink is part of Yves Saint Laurent's 5 Colour Harmony For Eyes range. The palette consists of 5 colors from the pink/plum family with finishes ranging from high shimmer to matte. 

1. Top left - shimmery violet
2. Bottom left - light violet with microglitter
3. Middle strip - creamy whitish pink with sheen
4. Top right - matte light pink
5. Bottom right - deep plum with slight sheen

The powders are finely milled with very little fallout including the light violet with microglitter. The color pay off are very good for shades 1,3 and 5. Shades 2 and 4 need some work, but I think they are meant that way.  Shade 2 is beautiful when placed on top of the others, it gives the eyeshadows a whole new dimension. I can do without the matte light pink (5) as the color is almost non-existent when placed on my lids and the texture is not as soft as the other 4.

I prefer to apply my eye shadows with a brush, but with Indian Pink, I find that I get better results when I use the applicators that came with the palette. I have this palette for more than a year and I've worn it only a handful of times. The reason is that, the eye shadows fade throughout the course of the day even with a primer. I don't have time reapply makeup at work, so I prefer to use products that I know will last the whole day. 

Although Indian Pink is not a favorite of mine, it is still a beautiful palette and I'm glad to have it in my collection. Making this post actually made me realize that it's the only makeup item I have from YSL. Hmm... maybe, I need to remedy that and try out some more. What are your favorite products from YSL?


  1. I have been debating about which one I would rather get, #1 Sahara, or that one that you have. After seeing your swatches, I think i'll go with #2! It's really pretty. I also have the ysl purple one and the green one (#4 & #6 I think....) I like these palettes because they're quite sheer so perfect for daytime smokey eyes!

  2. @Sonia and Rin, Thanks guys! I have been usng this palette a lot lately, it's trully pretty.


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