Monday, January 2, 2012

Inglot Eye Makeup Brushes

This is the second part of my Inglot Brush review. If you scroll down, you can read my review on the foundation and blush brush. This post is all about eye shadow brushes and I'm happy to report that some of my 'most used' eye brushes are from Inglot.

Inglot 5FS is a big flat topped brush with bristles made of fine squirrel hair. I got this brush with the idea of using it to apply a wash of color on my lids. I thought that since the the brush is so big, I can do the job with just a swipe or two (lazy girl). Well, it turns out that this brush is fine if I only want a light wash of color, otherwise, Sephora's large all over shadow brush is better for the job. The bristles of 5FS are too soft and not firm enough for packing color. The shape also makes it hard for me to work with this brush. The Sephora Professional #21 brush is even larger than Inglot 5FS, but the bristles are dense and the rounded corners and tapered tip conforms with the natural shape of my eyes.

I tried working with this brush in different ways without success. I saw from watching you tube videos that this can be used to contour the nose. Well, I don't do contouring, so it's not much of use to me. I have a suspicion that I'm not using this brush the right way. If you have any ideas, please let me know on the comments below.

Inglot 6SS is a blending brush. The bristles are made from squirrel substitute ( probably fine goat hair). The Inglot website photo shows a tight narrow brush with a pointed tip, but the brush I got is fluffy and the tip is not so pointed. It is very soft, which is good if you want to blend out a color, but not so effective in blending two colors together. It is a little bit longer and bigger compared to the MAC 224. The size again is the problem with this brush. I don't have small eyes, but I still find the brush too large for me. I find myself using this brush more often to blend out concealer under my eyes. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.

Inglot 80HP is a pencil brush. As you can see from the photo above, the tip is almost blunt. I want my pencil brush to be pointed and the only reason I got this is due to the strong recommendation of the sales associate. The bristles are made from ox and pony hair and the brush is amazing at packing color. The tightly packed bristles can grab and deposit powder eyeshadow anywhere. I find this especially useful in applying color on the outer V and the crease. If you are into intense eye looks, then you should really check out this brush.

Inglot 17TL is a brush I use on a daily basis to apply brow powder. The bristles are a combination of synthetic taklon and ox hair, they are longer and less stiff compared to MAC 208. The softer bristles of the brush grabs less pigment which gives me more control. I can also use the brush to blend out the powder if I need to. I find that I get better results with this brush (soft and natural looking brows) compared to a stiff brush.

Inglot 30T This angled eyeliner brush is the best I have tried. It is made from synthetic Taklon fibers. The bent feature makes application of gel eyeliners so much easier, and the pointed brush tip is perfect if I want a very fine line. Despite numerous washing, the brush tip has remained pointed and the fibers never splayed. I love this brush and if there is one brush I can recommend from Inglot, this is it.

When I got these, I did not know much about brushes. I thought I had to have at least one of everything. I know better now, and if I have to do my purchases all over again, I know that I will make better choices. In choosing brushes, there are so many things to consider. Quality is of course always important, but I realize too late that size and function matter too. Quality wise, 5FS and 6SS are good brushes, it's just that, they are not the best choices for me. It's also very important to consider your makeup routine. It's useless to own the best brushes if you're not going to use them.


  1. The 5FS is a push liner brush, not a brush ideally used to lay down colour on your eye. It's used to push liner into your lash line.

  2. LA-based celebrity makeup artist, Matthew Van Leeuwen, uses the 5FS as a push brush, but not as a liner, but to lay down crease color just above the socket as a trick for deep-set eyes. He demonstrates the look on fellow makeup artist, Monika Blunder on her YouTube channel. Search for Monika Blunder: Naomi Watt's Makeup Look Part 1, to see the Matthew use the brush (it's also a great video, picked up lots of good tips).


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