Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inglot Makeup Brushes (Foundation and Blush Brush)

Inglot is a Polish cosmetics company that has become very popular worldwide in the past year. Although the brand is most famous for their eye shadows, particularly the Freedom System range (swatches here), they also have a complete range of makeup products including a varied range of brushes.

I got my brushes more than a year ago. There were very little online reviews at that time, so when I got these, I relied on the recommendations of the sales associate and on what I thought I needed. Here are the face brushes that I ended up with.

21T Foundation Brush, this paddle shaped brush has bristles made from synthetic Taklon. This is a basic foundation brush, the bristles are firm making it ideal when applying liquid and cream foundation. The tapered and narrow tip is useful when applying foundation around the nose and under the eyes. I use downward and outward strokes when using this. It is possible to achieve a flawless finish with this brush but it takes longer compared to a stippling brush.  I prefer the stipple and buff method when applying my foundation, for this reason, I don't use 21T that often. I only reach for it if my other brushes are out of commission.

15BJF Blush Brush, this is comparable to MAC 129. The brush head is dome shaped with bristles made from goat hair. It is not the softest brush but it is dense and  picks a good amount of pigment. It is useful when I want more color payoff from my sheer blushes or if I don't have a lot of time. I swipe the brush across the blush, tap off the excess, deposit the color by tapping the brush lightly on my cheeks and then blend in a circular motion. With this brush, I find that I get better result by blending in circular motion rather than swiping.

The Brush does shed, but not at an alarming number. It sometimes loses a hair or two during wash and I keep its shape by wrapping the bristles with tissue while drying. This brush can perform well, but like the foundation brush, I don't reach for it often. I tend to gravitate towards my softer brushes.

All Inglot brushes have long wooden handles and they come with their own individual plastic sleeve. The company have wide range of brushes to choose from including sets, and even if I don't use these brushes that often, I still think that Inglot is worth checking out if you are just starting to build a brush collection. On my next post, I will be writing about Inglot eye brushes.

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  1. oh it's such a shame that these shed.. I can't stand brushes that shed.. I'm on the hunt for a good blush brush and bronzer brush.. I thought this would be awesome as I really do like inglot but the fact that it sheds makes me turn the other way..

    Thanks for the review! Very helpful =)


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