Friday, November 4, 2011

Paul & Joe Central Park West Palette Dupes

This is the post I promised on the the possible dupes for the Paul & Joe Central Park West Palette (reviewed here). I actually don't have a Paul & Joe counter near me, I picked up this palette while I was on a holiday visit to my family. If you like the palette and don't have access to Paul and Joe, you might want to check out the swatch pics in this post for alternatives.

The Manhattan Collection was on display when I happen to pass by the counter. I, of course, wanted to get everything, but couldn't. After much deliberation, I settled on this one. I was positive when I got this that I already have similar shades in my collection, but that didn't stop me (talk about self control).  I had read a lot of good things about Paul & Joe Beaute and I thought this palette would be a nice addition to my collection.

 On with the swatches:

I found several possible dupes for the white shade on the palette from Guerlain, MAC, Armani and Inglot. Inglot #395 is the closest.

The second shade can be easily duped with MAC's Amber Lights and the amber shade from Giogio Armani's 2011 Mediterranean Eye Palette.

For the last two shades, the reddish plum is a dead ringer for MAC's Cranberry. I had to redo this swatch beacause I forgot which I swatched first and could not tell them apart. As for the khaki green, Paul & Joe is slightly more pigmented compared to MAC's Sumptous Olive, the brown tone in the shade is also a little bit more pronounced in the Paul & Joe. Still, it's also hard to tell these two shades apart.

For the middle shade (blush), I could not find an exact dupe from my blush collection, but MAC's Bold and Brazen (limited edition from Starflash) and Expensive Pink are pretty close. The blush is pigmented and can be used as an eyeshadow.

I take a lot of photos for every blog post, but not all of them will make it here. If you are interested to see more photos and swatches of this palette you may visit the Paul & Joe albums on my facebook page here . I'm also planning to do the same thing on my future posts, upload all photos in my facebook page for browsing.  Hope this helps :).


  1. wow this is so cool! thanks for sharing. :D

  2. @Hollie, you're very much welcome!

  3. Those are such close dupes! :D I loved looking at the swatches :)


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