Monday, November 14, 2011

My Introduction To Bobbi Brown

I have known about Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ever since I started becoming interested in makeup. Sadly for me, there is no Bobbi Brown counter in the city where I live. Last month, I finally got a chance to visit a Bobbi Brown counter and I purchased 3 items to try out.

My visit to the counter was unplanned and I had no idea what I was going to get. The SA offered to do my makeup to help me decide, but I did not have the time to sit for a makeover, and even if I did, I could not wear makeup as I just had LASIK the day before. I knew that Bobbi Brown has a lot of popular products, but I wanted to get something that I would actually use. It would be pointless  to get a shimmer brick or a corrector when I rarely use highlighters and concealers . In the end, I purchased 2 powder eyeshadows and a blush. I also purchased an empty 3 pan palette since I prefer to keep  my makeup in palettes.

The items come in their individual packaging. The pan inside can be removed by gently pushing it out out of the case, then it can be be trasferred to a palette if you prefer (like I do).  The pan will snap into the customized palette without any magnets involved. The back of the palette have square holes, so the label from the pan will be visible. The eyeshadows and blushers have the same size, so you can use the same palette for both. I think that the packaging concept is very clever. It allows the user to mix and match products in the same palette, and there is no need to pop the pan out of the palette just to see the label.

3 pan palette
velvet plum eyeshadow, rose gold eyeshadow and blushed blush

back of the palette showing the labels from the pan

I bought Velvet Plum and Rose Gold Eyeshadows and a blush called Blushed. I will be doing individual reviews of the products in my coming posts, in the meantime, here is a swatch pic. More pics are also available on my blog's facebook page (link here).


  1. Those are gorgeous. I really need more Bobbi Brown in my life.

  2. I love BB... I purchased a 6 pan palette and filled it with shades of my choice, including a blush... I agree the ease of transfer and the design is very practical and useful :)


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