Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lunasol Cheek Brush Review

The Lunasol Cheek Brush is, without a doubt, the softest brush in my collection. It feels unbelievably soft and luxurious against my skin - I love it! Whenever I see this brush, I have the compulsion to pick it and stroke the back of my hand or face with it. If the brush has a mind of its own, it will probably think that I'm a little unhinged.

Most of my brushes are from MAC with some Inglot and Sephora thrown in. This and the Shu Uemura Foundation Brush are my first Japanese brushes and I'm blown away by their quality. I once thought that my MAC 138 and 165 are soft, but the Lunasol Cheek Brush introduced me to another level of softness. Brush lovers will know that top of the line brushes are  made by the Japanese brush manufacturer Chikuhodo, Lunasol is one of their brand clients, so I guess it is safe to say that this brush came from their factory. Chikuhodo also makes brushes for Suqqu and RMK.

The brush is made of 100% uncut blue squirrel hair, which is the finest material that can be used in a brush. It is somewhat flat and does not have the density of a round-shaped brush. The bristles fan out from the ferrule and forms a smooth tapered tip. I don't know for sure what the brown handle and ferrule are made of (am guessing plastic), whatever it is, it is very light and seems sturdy. Being a klutz, I already dropped it twice and so far, no dents. 

As the brush is super soft, it will not pick a lot of product, which gives me more control on the amount of color I apply whether I am using a pigmented or sheer blush. If I'm using a sheer blush, I pick the color using the flat side of the brush, apply the product and blend. I repeat the process until I get my desired intensity. If I'm using a pigmented blush, I tap off the excess powder first before applying. I then use the tips of the brush to apply highlighter (on those rare times that I use a highlighter).  I also use it to apply powder as the brush is just a smaller version of the Lunasol Powder Brush, it works this way too! This brush is not exactly cheap, so I'm glad that I can use it with different kinds of face products.

comparisson with Inglot blush brush
This is officially my favorite face brush. I've been neglecting all my other face brushes since I got this one. But, is this brush a must have? I will recommend this to a brush collector who is on the lookout for top of the line brushes, but it is not really necessary for everyone. To be honest, I can live and do my makeup just fine using the brushes that I currently have. Having said that, I have been interested with Japanese makeup brushes for a while and I dream of eventually going completely Japanese when it comes to brushes. It's not gonna happen, but I can dream, right?



  1. This brush looks so luxurious! :) It looks as soft as you say :)

  2. @ rainy days and lattes: it is super soft. I wish all my brushes have this quality :)


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