Friday, November 18, 2011

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow In Rose Gold

This is the first review of the products I talked about in My Introduction To Bobbi Brown  post. Today, I'm sharing my thoughts on the shimmer wash eyeshadow Rose Gold.

Bobbi Brown's Shimmwer Wash are sheer, lightly pearlized eyeshadows, which can also be used as a highlighter shades under the browbone. They come in sleek black, square compacts with detachable pans that allows the user to have the option of keeping the pans in their individual packaging, or tranfering them into palettes. 

I was drawn to the color Rose Gold as soon as I saw and swatched it at the counter. The shade is just that, a golden pink that turns slightly peach on my medium toned eyelids . It is indeed sheer, but has good color pay off, you don't need to dig into the pan to get the pigments. The powder has smooth silky texture with subtle sparkle. It works best for me as an all over wash of color on my lids.  I like to extend the color up to the inner corners of my eyes (gives me a brighter look) and use a meduim to dark brown on the outer corners and the crease. I have tried, but I don't really use this as a highlight under my brows, I find it too pigmented and shimmery for that. To be fair, I generally don't like shimmery brow highlights. As usual, I wore Rose Gold with Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer. I had it on for more than 12 hours and there was no fading or creasing.

Rose Gold is not a unique color, it's not one of those hard to find, hard to get shades. It's not going to make you go - wow! I gotta have this. What it is, is a beautiful color that will be a good staple in any makeup kit or collection. I think most people can wear and like this shade, in fact, according to the Bobbi Brown website, Rose Gold is reccomended by Allure magazine for its universally flattering sparkle.

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