Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow In Velvet Plum

I bought this eyeshadow on the recommendation of the Bobbi Brown sales associate (SA), according to him, this particular shade is one of their best sellers. I was not really convinced, because when I swatched Velvet Plum at the counter, the color pay-off was very poor. I thought to myself, how can a dark color have such poor pigmentation. There was also a lot of fall-out even though I used my finger to swatch. I actually passed it, but the SA was really pushing me to get this one. In the end, I decided to trust him and give it a try. There must be something wrong with the tester at the counter ( probably too many  fingers ), because the Velvet Plum I got is nothing like the tester.

Velvet plum is described in the Bobbi Brown website as a black plum with shimmer, I find the shade to be dark plum brown with gold sparkles. The shimmer in the eyashadow is mostly due to the gold sparkles which reflect light. It does not have the silky texture of Rose Gold, in fact, it is almost gritty when touching the eyeshadow in the pan. But, when applied on the lids with a brush, it goes on smoothly and blends really well. I find the color to be very pigmented, I use a fluffy brush with light strokes to apply the eyeshadow  as this gives me more control. The gold sparkles give the shade a new dimension and makes it a great outer V or crease color.  It can also work as a lid color and I've used it to line my lower lashline.

I was reading some reviews and there was some mention about this having poor pigmentation, being hard to blend and fading on the course of the day. I did not experience this with the Velvet Plum that I bought, but this was the impression I got from the tester. I'm glad that I listened to the SA and got this eyeshadow, if not for him, I never would have picked this for myself.  Metallic eyeshadows are not appealing to some people and although I think that the tester I swatched was defective, I still strongly suggest swatching this one first before purchase.

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