Monday, November 7, 2011

The Amazing Shu Uemura Natural 18 Foundation Brush

I already had a foundation brush that was working fine for me, the MAC 130 Short Duo Fiber Brush (reviewed here). However, I kept on hearing raves about the greatness of Shu Uemura's #18 foundation brush, and the nosy person in me wanted to know if the brush was as good as its reputation.

I finally got the chance to find out when I picked the brush at a Duty Free store while traveling. I was so excited to try the brush that I washed it as soon as I got to my hotel. The next day, I used it to put on my liquid foundation, and the verdict? This brush is simply - OH AMAZING! the $41 it cost me is worth every penny.

I already knew from the reviews that the brush would be small, but I was still a little surpissed when I saw it. It's only about 14 cm long which makes it the shortest brush in my collection. It has a black wooden handle and silver metal ferule. I actually like the short length of the brush as it allows me to get closer to the mirror. The bristles are made of uncut goat hair. The hair are short but densely packed which gives the brush a full appearance. It does not have the paddle shape of a regular foundation brush or the flat top of a stippling brush. The bristles fan out from the ferule and forms a slightly rounded tip. The shape and density of the brush enables the user to stipple and blend liquid and cream products, and it does the job like a dream. The small head also allows for better control when applying foundation around the eyes and nose. I have never found foundation application easier. My application time is literally cut in half and yet I end up with flawless finish. The fact that the bristles are soft is another major plus.

Since the bristles are made of goat hair, they do absorb more products compared to a synthetic brush. For me, this is no biggie, it can be remedied by spraying the bristles with water and using the brush damp. I like that the bristles are white, I can be visually sure when I wash my brush that I all the unwanted dirt and old products are out. The brush does not shed and dries fast, I wash it at night and it's dry and ready the next day.

I have been neglecting my MAC 130 since I got this brush. I still think that the 130 is a wonderful brush, but like a kid with a new toy, I'm just enjoying the Shu at the moment :).

This review will go down as another rave for the Shu Uemura Natural 18 Goat brush, it certainly is an amazing brush and deserves all the fuss. I also recently acquired another amazing face brush (not from Shu Uemura). Unlike the Shu, this brush is not talked about, but I will try to change that.


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