Monday, October 17, 2011

Earth Therapeutics Natural Wooden Pin Massage Brush (Medium)

There are arguments whether brushing long hair is healthy or not. I personally like to brush my hair and I used to do it even if my hair was wet. Brushing wet hair is not recommended by hair experts because wet hair is fragile and easily damaged. Eventually, I learned to curb the impulse to brush my hair all the time and do it only when it is dry.

Since I have long, thick hair, I prefer brushes with bristles that are set wide apart. The Earth Therapeutics Natural Wooden Pin Massage Brush has wooden pin bristles that are set in a soft pneumatic air cushion base. I got the medium size because I want a brush that I can conveniently carry in my bag when I travel. The bristles are wide apart and the surface of each bristle is so smooth, there is no danger of the bristles snagging and damaging hair. The brush also massages the scalp and distributes oil from the scalp down the hair shaft. 

 Keeping hair brush clean is also important. I wash my brushes and combs once a week and air dry them. Another brush that I love is The Body Shop's Paddle brush.


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the importance of clean brushes. A lot of people don't think about cleaning their brushes but a brush, comb or pick can get just as dirty as anything else we use daily... people forget about needing to be hygienic with their hair tools!

  2. @Mandy, In the same way that I have laundry day, I also set aside a few hours a week to wash/clean and disinfect (if needed) the makeup products, makeup and hair brushes and other tools that I used during that week. It's not fun to get sick or be injured because of dirty tools.


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