Friday, October 14, 2011

Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream Review

Eye creams are one of the most expensive products in a skin care line, those teeny weeny tubes and jars sometimes cost twice as much as a moisturizer. I'm not really a fan of these products, I tried several drugstore brands in the past and none delivered on their claims, and I find that my facial moisturizer works  just as well.

Last month though, I suffered from severe allergic reaction. The upper and lower lids on both my eyes were swollen and the skin became dry and flaky. After a course of anti-histamine and hydrocortisone cream, the swelling subsided, but the dryness and flaking remained, and my left eyelid had a rough texture. I also noticed that the skin around my eyes were darker and there were fine lines in the inner corners of my lower lids due to dryness. In other words, I looked like crap and using facial moisturizer was no longer enough. I needed something more moisturizing, help diminish the fine lines and brighten the area. This pushed me to give eye creams  another try. 

I decided to settle on Clinique's Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream because it seems to have everything I need. The cream comes in a small jar that contains 15 ml of product. It is supposed to target eye area lines and wrinkles, replenish antioxidants and strengthen vulnerable skin for brighter, vibrant and refreshed look. The cream is rich and thick, goes on smoothly and is easily absorbed by the skin.

The first time I applied the product, I felt a slight stinging sensation for a few seconds. I was not quite sure if it was due to the product or because my eye area was still sensitive. I gave it a few days and tried again, I felt no stinging or even tingling sensation this time so I continued to use the eye cream. I would dab liberal amount around my eye area especially at night time, but after a few hours, my eyelids were dry and flaky again. I had to apply the cream several times a day to keep the skin around my eyes hydrated. I knew I had some issues because I was recovering from the effects of an allergic reaction, but for the price of the cream, I expected it to perform better.  

I have been consistently using the eye cream for about 3 weeks now, and although the flaking have improved, the skin around my eyes remain dry. There is also no improvement with the fine lines on the inner corners of my eyes and I don't notice any significant brightening effect. 

I will continue to use the eye cream for now, because although it fell short of my expectations, it is not doing me any harm either. Perhaps 3 weeks is also not enough time to show significant results. I will give it more time with the hope that it will eventually deliver its claim.

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