Monday, September 12, 2011

MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50

When I started using foundation, primers became a must in my makeup routine. I have oily combination skin and I absolutely need a primer to keep my makeup product on. I don't have fancy requirements when it comes to primers, all I want is that it will keep my face products on and make foundation application easier, any added feature is a bonus. I have heard that some moisturizers also act as primers, I have yet to meet those moisturizers, so in the meantime I'm using a separate primer. I've only tried products from two brands so far, MAC's Pre+Prime and Guerlain's UV Enlightening Base. Guerlain was a total fail, did not help with foundation application at all and my face was 'shinning' after  only a couple of hours.

I got Face Protect SPF 50 after I used up my Prep+Prime Skin. I was happy with Prep+Prime Skin, but since I'm using a retinoic acid cream, I thought the added spf will benefit me. The primer comes in a black tube that contains only 30 ml of product. The packaging is made of hard plastic that is a little hard to squeeze. I always squeeze too hard and end up with more product than I need. Unless I can learn to control how hard I squeeze, I will need to get a new tube pretty soon. Getting the last of the product out of the tube might also be difficult.  

Packaging aside, this is a great primer. Although, Prep+Prime Skin has a silkier texture and foundation glides better on top of it, I also like Face Protect's smooth and lightweight texture. It absorbs into the skin quickly, there is none of that 'greasy feel' that is often associated with products containing spf. The oil-control control feature also works very well on me. On my first use, I noticed right away that my face is less shiny after hours of wearing make up. Even my t-zone (my usual shiny spot) has only minimal shine. I thought it was just a fluke, my skin reacting to the new product, but I have been getting the same results everytime I use the primer. My foundation also stayed on all day, until it was time to remove it.

I got this primer mainly because of its spf content. I'm very prone to hyperpigmentation and use retinoid cream. I use this under my make up when I go to work and my most sun exposure is when I walk to and from the parking lot to my work building. I will not rely on this if I have to be under the sun for a longer period  of time. I would rather use a proper sunblock, I just don't want to take the risk.

Some people are sensitive to silicones and spf products, I posted a photo of the ingredients list above as a reference. I wish this comes with a pump or atleast an easy squeeze tube, other than that,  this primer works very well for me.


  1. Is it give white cast on photo, because it has high spf 50?

  2. @Noniek, I have not had my photo taken while wearing this primer, so I have no first hand experience. I'm can't wear makeup at the moment because of a recent severe allergic reaction, but as soon as I can, I will try it and let you know. Thanks!


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