Friday, September 23, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick In 103 Chant D'Aromes

Rouge Automatique is the latest range of lipsticks from Guerlain, the range currently has 25 shades to choose from. The lipsticks promises to be hydrating and long lasting at the same time. The formula uses oils and waxes to give a second-skin texture, and it is said to contain Crystal pigment that boost the colors to give a tailor-made shine and made to measure sheerness.

The packaging design was inspired by the first 'no-cap' lipstick made by Guelain in 1936 and the gold plated tube of  the first wax lipstick made in 1870 by Aimé Guerlain . The new Rouge Automatique lipsticks are encased in a sleek, structural gold chamber. It has a square knob on the side. As the knob is slid downwards, the square cover on top is pulled back and the lipstick bullet is pushed out. In keeping with the historic theme, the lipsticks themselves are named after Guerlain perfumes from the past.

With all that history and clever packaging, Rouge Automatique still managed to cost less than Rouge G (yay!). I think the US prize is $35 compared to $46 for the Rouge G. Where I live, retail prices are different as cosmetics are generally more expensive here by 20 - 35%  (ugh!). 

I choosed #103 Chant D'Aromes, a shade from the beige color family. It's a warm nude beige which I believe has a hint of rose. The lipstick certainly feels smooth and glides on the lips when applied, it is also very hydrating as promised. As for being long lasting, it stays on for about 2-3 hours, after that, I can barely notice that I have any lipstick on. I have the same experience with other lipsticks of the 'moisturizing/hydating' formula , Chanel's Coco Shine and Dior's Addict. Of the three, Coco Shine has the least staying power. The shade of the lipstick might also be a factor, since it's a nude color, it does not really leave a stain.

sorry for the crappy lip swatch

If you're a fan and like Guerlain, by all means check out the Rouge Automatiques (if you don't own several already). I am happy with Chant D'Aromes, but in the future I want to try a darker shade.


  1. I love all your choices-I have this RA as well, and I notice the same thing-I want to get the Rouge G you mentioned as it seems you like the same shades of lipstick I do, hahaha.. Oh may I recommend YSL RPC in #25 Taupe Raphael or on the site the call it Rose Taupe for some reason(my box I recieved from them said Taupe Raphael, but they are all the same number) I think it would be a color you'd like. :-) ~Laura

  2. Thanks Laura! I will surely check out Taupe Raphael as soon as my 'no buy'ends next month :)


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