Monday, September 19, 2011

Nude Beige Lipstick : Givenchy Rouge Interdit in 01 Only Beige

It feels like forever since my last post. I wanted to start this post days ago, but I was always too tired after work. I finally have some time off, hopefully, I can put up some blog posts.

When it comes to nude lipsticks, I always go for the ones with hints of pink, I avoid beige shades because they generally do not look good on me. Since I have pigmented lips, sheer beige does not show on my lips and pigmented beige lipsticks always give me that  'dead lips'  look.  The only beige I found that works for me is Givenchy's Only Beige.

Only Beige is part of Givenchy's Rouge Interdit line. It comes in a glossy black, rectangle packaging. The lipstick tube itself is metallic silver stamped with the Givenchy name and logo, it has a black 'tie' at the bottom to pull the tube out.

I would describe the shade as a deep beige. It has enough pigment that it does not disappear on my lips and the color is deep enough that I don't end up looking washed-out.  It feels soft and smooth when applied, has a satin finish with slight gloss.

I wore this lipstick many times without prepping my lips first with lipbalm and I never experienced drying. The downside of this lipstick is that, it comes off easily, I have to reapply every 2-3 hours and right after eating. I think this is due to the shade, not the line itself. I own another Rouge Interdit, Gold Brown,  and it certainly has a longer staying power.

The lipstick is slightly perfumed and contains castor oil and beeswax.

I tried taking swatch photos on my lips, but like my previous attempts, I was unhappy with the outcome. I'm better off swatching on my arm. Here's Only Beige  beside other 'nude' lipsticks, it looks darker than the other shades, but on my lips, it turns into a nice soft beige.

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