Saturday, September 10, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow : Sweet Fire

This post is for Mandy from prettymaking who asked for a swatch of Sweet Fire on my haul post a few days ago. I already gave a general description of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill eyeshadows on my Khaki Pulse and Champagne  blog post. This time, I'm just going to share my thoughts on this particular shade.

Sweet Fire is a pink shade infused with red flecks. The red flecks give the eyeshadow a vibrant appearance in the pot, however, when I applied on my lids, it's a light pink color and the red flecks are not visible at all. I was aware of this when I bought the eyeshadow since I swatched the it at the counter. It has a metallic sheen and a silky texture. It also lasts forever. I wore this on top of my usual primer, Two Faced Shadow Insurance, for more than 15 hours and there was no creasing or fading.  At the end of the day, the eyeshadow look the same as when I just applied.


I have used this a few times and I find that it is best to apply the eyeshadow with my fingers. I tried using MAC 239 and 242 to apply, but both brushes were not picking up enough of the color. It was a little bit better when I used the brush damp, but I got the best results by using my finger to place the color on my lids and then use a brush to blend. I did not have this problem with Khaki Pulse and Champagne, I'm presuming the fault is with the eyeshadow and not with the brushes.

If you're into long wearing eyeshadows, the Eyes to Kill line from Giorgio Armani is worth checking out. Just be aware that with #7 Sweet Fire, you will get a lighter pink compared to the color you see in the pot. If I can have my wish, I want to have all 15 shades from the line. At the moment I'm happy with the 3 shades I have.

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  1. It's such a lovely shade a pink, but sad to see that it didn't have a little bit of a deeper, more red hue. :-( But I absolutely need to have some of Armani's ETK because the staying power sounds so phenomenal!


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