Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blush Review: MAC Sunbasque

I originally planned to make a post about lipsticks and I wanted to do the swatch on my lips to show a more accurate picture. Well, for some reason I cannot get a decent photo of my lips. The photos are out of focus, not showing the accurate swatch or just plain crappy. I also realized from taking these photos that I have asymmetrical lips :(. I abandoned that project and decided to make a blush review instead and went back to swatching on my left arm. I will probably go back to the lipsticks when I have more time. 

Onto the blush review, Sunbasque is my very first MAC blush. I tried my friend's Peachtwist and I liked the blush a lot that I decided to get my own. Two weeks later, my friend and I went shopping for Peachtwist, but the MAC store was out of stock at that time. Sunbasque was suggested to me as an alternative. I did not want the to leave the store empty handed so I bought the blush. Sunbasque turned into my 'most used' blush.

Sunbasque is a Sheertone Shimmer Blush described on MAC's website as a peach with pearl shade. It is part of the permanent line so it's available until MAC decides to discontinue the item. The powder is not as finely milled compared to  my other blushes from Armani or Burberry, but this is not an issue with me because the blush is still compact, not chalky and has a smooth, easy to blend texture. It is Sheertone blush so don't expect a pop of color on the first swipe of the brush. I personally prefer sheer blushes beacause I'm heavy handed with my application. I usually need two layers for the blush to show on my medium brown complexion. 

I would describe the shade as shimmery peachy bronze with hint of pink. Although I would not describe the shimmer as 'subtle glow', it is also not an 'in your face' shimmer. I used my fingers to apply and blend the swatch on my arm, so the shimmer is heavier compared to when applied with a brush. 

As for longevity, it only lasts on me 4 hours max. I have an oily skin so most blushes don't last on my cheeks. The best thing about this blush is that it goes well with most makeup looks. If I cannot decide which blush to use, I always find myself reaching for Sunbasque.

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