Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blush Review: Chanel Fandango

Since I already started with blush review, I might as well do another one. This time, the blush is Chanel Joues Contraste in #57 Fandango. This is one blush I know I can wear regardless of my skin tone. The shade is a deep peach brown. It looks boring in the compact, but lovely when applied. The peach tone looks great now that I am lighter, yet the shade is deep enough, that I know, it will still show up when my skin tone is darker.

Swatch at a different angle

Swatch comparison with other peach/bronze blush

I'm not sure if Chanel has different versions of their Joues Contraste just like their eyeshadow quads. The photos of Fandango online look smoother compared to mine. My Fandango certainly looks like a baked blush. Having said that, the blush I have still has a smooth texture and blends out well. This is not a shimmery blush, but it is not matte either. I would say that it has  a very subtle 'glow' that looks lovely when applied on the cheeks. 

Because the shade is deeper, this stays longer on me compared to lighter or pink colored blushes. Depending on the products I use on my face, the blush lasts about 4 to 5 hours. I don't have time to reapply my makeup at work and my blush is always the first to go. I'm still looking for the blush that will last all day on my oily skin.

I almost did not get this blush because it did not look anything special on display. I'm glad I took the time swatch at the counter. If you happen to visit a chanel counter, please check out Fandango, you might be surprised.


  1. I've been wanting Fandango forever! You have GREAT taste in blush!! I love all those swatches!

  2. @Red lips, Black hair: awww, thanks :)


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