Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rouge G De Guerlain Lipstick in 08 Gisele

I wanted a Rouge G lipstick since forever, but I kept putting off purchasing one because I could not justify the price. Unfortunately for me I have a very persistent SA, everytime I visit his counter, he would feed my lemming by singing  praises for Rouge G. He finally got me convinced, I picked my first Rouge G De Guerlain lipstick this week.

So much has been said about this range of lipsticks from Guerlain. Half of the talk is about its unique packaging and I think it is also half the reason that why it cost so much.

Guerlain's website describes the design as :
A jewel lipstick compact with a white gold shimmer designed by Lorenz Bäumer, the young and talented jeweller in Place Vendôme. A horizontal design with feminine curves that houses a secret: a mirror automatically appears when the compact is opened. The lipstick has a pure elegant, contemporary design, and closes magnetically.

The lipstick 'compact' is somewhat heavy, I believe due to the magnet that holds the two pieces together. Its shiny surface made photographing difficult as it was reflecting light and images, it also catches fingerprints easily. When the lipstick is pulled out, the 'cover piece' automatically opens revealing a mirror. The piece containing the lipstick is twisted to reveal the lipstick bullet.

After swatching, I choosed the shade Gisele. It's a deep purplish rose with  gold shimmer. It is very pigmented and has satin texture. The lipstick applied like a dream and the shimmer was not obvious on my lips. I wore it at work for two consecutive days and I'm happy to report that the color lasted for about 6 hours and left a stain on my lips which added another hour or so of weartime.

Lip swatches at different lightings

I still think that Rouge G lipsticks are overpriced because of the packaging, but  the quality of the product almost makes up for it. If not for the price, I would love to have more Rouge G's.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick In 103 Chant D'Aromes

Rouge Automatique is the latest range of lipsticks from Guerlain, the range currently has 25 shades to choose from. The lipsticks promises to be hydrating and long lasting at the same time. The formula uses oils and waxes to give a second-skin texture, and it is said to contain Crystal pigment that boost the colors to give a tailor-made shine and made to measure sheerness.

The packaging design was inspired by the first 'no-cap' lipstick made by Guelain in 1936 and the gold plated tube of  the first wax lipstick made in 1870 by Aimé Guerlain . The new Rouge Automatique lipsticks are encased in a sleek, structural gold chamber. It has a square knob on the side. As the knob is slid downwards, the square cover on top is pulled back and the lipstick bullet is pushed out. In keeping with the historic theme, the lipsticks themselves are named after Guerlain perfumes from the past.

With all that history and clever packaging, Rouge Automatique still managed to cost less than Rouge G (yay!). I think the US prize is $35 compared to $46 for the Rouge G. Where I live, retail prices are different as cosmetics are generally more expensive here by 20 - 35%  (ugh!). 

I choosed #103 Chant D'Aromes, a shade from the beige color family. It's a warm nude beige which I believe has a hint of rose. The lipstick certainly feels smooth and glides on the lips when applied, it is also very hydrating as promised. As for being long lasting, it stays on for about 2-3 hours, after that, I can barely notice that I have any lipstick on. I have the same experience with other lipsticks of the 'moisturizing/hydating' formula , Chanel's Coco Shine and Dior's Addict. Of the three, Coco Shine has the least staying power. The shade of the lipstick might also be a factor, since it's a nude color, it does not really leave a stain.

sorry for the crappy lip swatch

If you're a fan and like Guerlain, by all means check out the Rouge Automatiques (if you don't own several already). I am happy with Chant D'Aromes, but in the future I want to try a darker shade.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guerlain Fall 2011 Écrin 4 Couleurs In 04 Les Bois De Rose

The moment I saw the new fall Écrin 4 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes from Guerlain, I  was immediately drawn to Les Bois De Rose. To be fair, I took time to swatch all 9 palettes, and although they are all beautiful, Les Bois De Rose is the clear winner for me.

The new eyeshadow quads are similar to the Écrin 6 Couleurs that were released last year. The look and color themes are pretty close. The new quads are giving more color options to choose from and are replacing the previous range of Guelain's eyeshadow quads.

Les Bois De Rose is the 'pink quad', it features a dark plum brown, a very pale (almost white) pink,  rosey pink and a taupe. Except for the taupe, all shades are shimmery, with pearly particles that give an iridescent finish. When applied on my lids, the shimmer is not exactly subtle, but I don't find it to be sparkly either. I experienced some fall-out of the pearly particles from the rose shade, next time, I'll make sure to have a tissue paper handy to cover  the area under my eyes . I find the texture of the eyeshadows to be soft and blendable especially the darker shades.

I wore the eyeshadows for about 6 hours on top of primer. I was out during those hours doing errands and they stayed on well enough. I wanted to keep them longer, but it was the first time that I was wearing makeup after my allergic reaction and I did not want to push my luck.

Guerlain (as usual) has done very well with the new range, with 9 harmonies (Guerlain calls their color range harmonies) to choose from, there is surely a palette for everyone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guerlain Les Bois De Rose, Gisele And Chant D'Aromes

I visited my favorite Guerlain counter yesterday, the Écrin 4 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes finally arrived. I snagged one of the palettes, Les Bois De Rose. I also swatched the new Rouge G lipsticks, they're all very pretty and pigmented but I don't wear bright colors on my lips so I passed them up. Instead, I got two lipsticks from the permanent lines, Gisele from Rouge G and Chant D'Aromes from Rouge Automatique.

I am enjoying them so far and will be sharing swatches as well as my thoughts on each item in the coming days.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Facial Cleanser Review : Bioderma Purifying Foaming Gel

photo from

When it comes to gentle cleansing, Bioderma's Purifying Foaming Gel has proven its worth to me. Last week I had a severe allergic reaction from a sunscreen that I was using. My eyelids and the skin around my eyes became red, swollen and dry. I had rashes on my face and neck. I had to stop using all products in my current skincare because they further irritated my skin. The only thing that I was able to continue using was this cleanser. 

It is so gentle, I was able to continue washing my face with it twice a day. I was even able to use it around my eyes. I did not feel any stinging or burning sensation while using the cleanser and it never dried my skin. I had to use products that I would not nomally apply on my face and I was concern about having clogged pores and breaking out on top of my allergies. I believe that being able to properly cleanse my face prevented this from happening.

My skin is in a much better condition now, but not yet back to it's normal state. I'm about to run out of the cleanser and I'm definitely repurchasing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nude Beige Lipstick : Givenchy Rouge Interdit in 01 Only Beige

It feels like forever since my last post. I wanted to start this post days ago, but I was always too tired after work. I finally have some time off, hopefully, I can put up some blog posts.

When it comes to nude lipsticks, I always go for the ones with hints of pink, I avoid beige shades because they generally do not look good on me. Since I have pigmented lips, sheer beige does not show on my lips and pigmented beige lipsticks always give me that  'dead lips'  look.  The only beige I found that works for me is Givenchy's Only Beige.

Only Beige is part of Givenchy's Rouge Interdit line. It comes in a glossy black, rectangle packaging. The lipstick tube itself is metallic silver stamped with the Givenchy name and logo, it has a black 'tie' at the bottom to pull the tube out.

I would describe the shade as a deep beige. It has enough pigment that it does not disappear on my lips and the color is deep enough that I don't end up looking washed-out.  It feels soft and smooth when applied, has a satin finish with slight gloss.

I wore this lipstick many times without prepping my lips first with lipbalm and I never experienced drying. The downside of this lipstick is that, it comes off easily, I have to reapply every 2-3 hours and right after eating. I think this is due to the shade, not the line itself. I own another Rouge Interdit, Gold Brown,  and it certainly has a longer staying power.

The lipstick is slightly perfumed and contains castor oil and beeswax.

I tried taking swatch photos on my lips, but like my previous attempts, I was unhappy with the outcome. I'm better off swatching on my arm. Here's Only Beige  beside other 'nude' lipsticks, it looks darker than the other shades, but on my lips, it turns into a nice soft beige.

Monday, September 12, 2011

MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50

When I started using foundation, primers became a must in my makeup routine. I have oily combination skin and I absolutely need a primer to keep my makeup product on. I don't have fancy requirements when it comes to primers, all I want is that it will keep my face products on and make foundation application easier, any added feature is a bonus. I have heard that some moisturizers also act as primers, I have yet to meet those moisturizers, so in the meantime I'm using a separate primer. I've only tried products from two brands so far, MAC's Pre+Prime and Guerlain's UV Enlightening Base. Guerlain was a total fail, did not help with foundation application at all and my face was 'shinning' after  only a couple of hours.

I got Face Protect SPF 50 after I used up my Prep+Prime Skin. I was happy with Prep+Prime Skin, but since I'm using a retinoic acid cream, I thought the added spf will benefit me. The primer comes in a black tube that contains only 30 ml of product. The packaging is made of hard plastic that is a little hard to squeeze. I always squeeze too hard and end up with more product than I need. Unless I can learn to control how hard I squeeze, I will need to get a new tube pretty soon. Getting the last of the product out of the tube might also be difficult.  

Packaging aside, this is a great primer. Although, Prep+Prime Skin has a silkier texture and foundation glides better on top of it, I also like Face Protect's smooth and lightweight texture. It absorbs into the skin quickly, there is none of that 'greasy feel' that is often associated with products containing spf. The oil-control control feature also works very well on me. On my first use, I noticed right away that my face is less shiny after hours of wearing make up. Even my t-zone (my usual shiny spot) has only minimal shine. I thought it was just a fluke, my skin reacting to the new product, but I have been getting the same results everytime I use the primer. My foundation also stayed on all day, until it was time to remove it.

I got this primer mainly because of its spf content. I'm very prone to hyperpigmentation and use retinoid cream. I use this under my make up when I go to work and my most sun exposure is when I walk to and from the parking lot to my work building. I will not rely on this if I have to be under the sun for a longer period  of time. I would rather use a proper sunblock, I just don't want to take the risk.

Some people are sensitive to silicones and spf products, I posted a photo of the ingredients list above as a reference. I wish this comes with a pump or atleast an easy squeeze tube, other than that,  this primer works very well for me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow : Sweet Fire

This post is for Mandy from prettymaking who asked for a swatch of Sweet Fire on my haul post a few days ago. I already gave a general description of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill eyeshadows on my Khaki Pulse and Champagne  blog post. This time, I'm just going to share my thoughts on this particular shade.

Sweet Fire is a pink shade infused with red flecks. The red flecks give the eyeshadow a vibrant appearance in the pot, however, when I applied on my lids, it's a light pink color and the red flecks are not visible at all. I was aware of this when I bought the eyeshadow since I swatched the it at the counter. It has a metallic sheen and a silky texture. It also lasts forever. I wore this on top of my usual primer, Two Faced Shadow Insurance, for more than 15 hours and there was no creasing or fading.  At the end of the day, the eyeshadow look the same as when I just applied.


I have used this a few times and I find that it is best to apply the eyeshadow with my fingers. I tried using MAC 239 and 242 to apply, but both brushes were not picking up enough of the color. It was a little bit better when I used the brush damp, but I got the best results by using my finger to place the color on my lids and then use a brush to blend. I did not have this problem with Khaki Pulse and Champagne, I'm presuming the fault is with the eyeshadow and not with the brushes.

If you're into long wearing eyeshadows, the Eyes to Kill line from Giorgio Armani is worth checking out. Just be aware that with #7 Sweet Fire, you will get a lighter pink compared to the color you see in the pot. If I can have my wish, I want to have all 15 shades from the line. At the moment I'm happy with the 3 shades I have.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blush Review: Chanel Fandango

Since I already started with blush review, I might as well do another one. This time, the blush is Chanel Joues Contraste in #57 Fandango. This is one blush I know I can wear regardless of my skin tone. The shade is a deep peach brown. It looks boring in the compact, but lovely when applied. The peach tone looks great now that I am lighter, yet the shade is deep enough, that I know, it will still show up when my skin tone is darker.

Swatch at a different angle

Swatch comparison with other peach/bronze blush

I'm not sure if Chanel has different versions of their Joues Contraste just like their eyeshadow quads. The photos of Fandango online look smoother compared to mine. My Fandango certainly looks like a baked blush. Having said that, the blush I have still has a smooth texture and blends out well. This is not a shimmery blush, but it is not matte either. I would say that it has  a very subtle 'glow' that looks lovely when applied on the cheeks. 

Because the shade is deeper, this stays longer on me compared to lighter or pink colored blushes. Depending on the products I use on my face, the blush lasts about 4 to 5 hours. I don't have time to reapply my makeup at work and my blush is always the first to go. I'm still looking for the blush that will last all day on my oily skin.

I almost did not get this blush because it did not look anything special on display. I'm glad I took the time swatch at the counter. If you happen to visit a chanel counter, please check out Fandango, you might be surprised.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blush Review: MAC Sunbasque

I originally planned to make a post about lipsticks and I wanted to do the swatch on my lips to show a more accurate picture. Well, for some reason I cannot get a decent photo of my lips. The photos are out of focus, not showing the accurate swatch or just plain crappy. I also realized from taking these photos that I have asymmetrical lips :(. I abandoned that project and decided to make a blush review instead and went back to swatching on my left arm. I will probably go back to the lipsticks when I have more time. 

Onto the blush review, Sunbasque is my very first MAC blush. I tried my friend's Peachtwist and I liked the blush a lot that I decided to get my own. Two weeks later, my friend and I went shopping for Peachtwist, but the MAC store was out of stock at that time. Sunbasque was suggested to me as an alternative. I did not want the to leave the store empty handed so I bought the blush. Sunbasque turned into my 'most used' blush.

Sunbasque is a Sheertone Shimmer Blush described on MAC's website as a peach with pearl shade. It is part of the permanent line so it's available until MAC decides to discontinue the item. The powder is not as finely milled compared to  my other blushes from Armani or Burberry, but this is not an issue with me because the blush is still compact, not chalky and has a smooth, easy to blend texture. It is Sheertone blush so don't expect a pop of color on the first swipe of the brush. I personally prefer sheer blushes beacause I'm heavy handed with my application. I usually need two layers for the blush to show on my medium brown complexion. 

I would describe the shade as shimmery peachy bronze with hint of pink. Although I would not describe the shimmer as 'subtle glow', it is also not an 'in your face' shimmer. I used my fingers to apply and blend the swatch on my arm, so the shimmer is heavier compared to when applied with a brush. 

As for longevity, it only lasts on me 4 hours max. I have an oily skin so most blushes don't last on my cheeks. The best thing about this blush is that it goes well with most makeup looks. If I cannot decide which blush to use, I always find myself reaching for Sunbasque.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Armani And MAC Haul

I did some shopping a few days ago. I originally planned to purchase only two items and of course I ended up with more than that. I'm giving an overview of the things I got. You can let me me know if you want a more detailed review on any of the items.

MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect spf 50 : I have been wanting a primer with spf, so when I run out of my Prep+Prime Skin, I decided to try Face Protect. I have used this a few times already and as far as the texture is concerned, I prefer Prep+Prime Skin. Both products have silicon in them, but Skin feels silkier and my foundation 'glides' easier on top of it. I don't regret buying Face Protect, this product has its own merits and I want to do a more detailed review after I used and tested it more.

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator : I actually made a mistake on this one. I wanted the Volcanic Ash Mask and I was thinking that this was the same product. It was only when I got home and read the label properly that I realized my mistake. I don't return purchases if the error was mine, so I just opened and used this one. This actually reminded me of the St Ives apricot scrub, it has the same grainy, gritty texture. My skin felt tight and clean after using this. It's a good scrub, but nothing special. The apricot scrub I used to use works just as well. This is a limited edition released a few years ago.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil : The SA informed me that MAC will be raising their prices again so I just bought a back up of Cleanse Off Oil, this is still my favorite makeup remover. You can find my review on Cleanse Off Oil  here.

After MAC I visited the Armani counter hoping to spot the new fall collection. It was wishful thinking, I'm lucky if the new collection will be here next month. Anyway, I decided to purchase two Armani products that I have been wanting for a while.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow #7 Sweet Fire : This is my third of this hybrid eyeshadows. I already posted my thoughts on Khaki Pulse and Champagne last month. Sweet fire is pink with red flecks. It is a beautiful light pink shade when applied on my lids. It lasted more than 14 hours on me without fading or creasing. Armani has 15 shades of  these eyeshadows, but I think I'm good with the 3 I got. Unless they will come out with new shades, I don't think I will be getting more.

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #4 : I debated between #4 Sand and #6 Light Rose. In the end, #4 won. It's a terracotta peach shade. Like the other Armani blushes I own, the powder on this one is very finely milled. The pigmentation is more than I expected for a sheer blush. It's currently my favorite blush to use.

My last purchase was Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser from Avene. I have not tried this one yet, I'm waiting to finish my current cleanser before opening the bottle. I bought this on a whim, but I looked in makeupalley and the reviews were promising.

I'm enjoying my haul so far and I will be posting more detailed review of some of the products, I just want more time to test their performance.

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