Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer

Before I met TFSI I was using Sephora's Light Touch as a base, it was suggested by Sephora's SA who sold it to me. Back then, I did not understand the use of a primer. I was using Light Touch but my eyeshadows were creasing after a few hours. I learned about primers after watching You Tube videos and reading makeup blogs. At first, I wanted the Urban Decay Primer Potion because it was really popular. It seems that all the You Tube gurus were priming their lids with it. I was disappointed when I found out that Urban Decay is not available where I live including all my local Sephoras. They do carry Too Faced so, I got the Shadow Insurance instead.

I was disappointed at first. Yes, my eyeshadows were blending well on top of it but they were still creasing and the main job of a primer supposedly was to prevent creasing. I wanted to make the product work so I started reading reviews and experimenting. I found out that I should be using the tiniest amount, literally just a dab on both of my eyelids and then blending the product all over. The more product I use, it's more likely that my eyeshadow will crease. To be fair I have not tried other primers so I cannot compare. This is working for me at the moment so I have no desire to look for another primer. I have tried MAC paintpots and I prefer the Shadow Insurance. I have a problem blending eyeshadows on top  of paintpots. I even use TFSI under paintpots to prevent creasing. I've had this primer for more than a year and even with regular use, it looks like it's going to last me a lifetime.

This is not the amount of product I use, it's way too much. This photo is to show the product inside.

 all products and photos are from my own collection

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