Monday, August 29, 2011

NARS Eyeshadow Duo : Brazil, Cheyenne, Kalahari, Mediteranee

When I started collecting makeup about a year and half ago, I read a lot of good things about NARS cosmetics. So many raves on their eyeshadows, blushes and foundations, I just had to try the brand myself. I was very happy to know that my local Sephora carried the line. Sadly, it was too late for me. By the time I found NARS, Sephora was just starting to phase out the line from their stores. The sales associate gave me a crapload story why they are removing the line, but I came to the conclusion that it was probably not doing well locally.

Still, I managed to get 4 eyeshadow duos. I am into eyeshadows so it was natural for me to try these out first. Also, the blushes I wanted were all out of stock. I still see NARS in some branches of Sephora, but the shelves are almost empty with very few remaining products. I don't purchase beacause I know that these are old stocks.

The very first duo I picked was Mediteranee, a combination of a muted golden shimmer and a burnt orange. I was drawn to the orange shade of the duo as the color was just so vibrant on the pan and on the skin. I was so excited to start playing with it. I ended up disappointed.  The first time I applied it on my lids, it was like - woh! I never thought that I would complain about pigment, but it was just too much for me :). I tried blending to soften the color and it just turned into a mess. I watched tutorials on youtube using  Mediteranee to try and make the it work, but after many attempts, I just had to admit that the it's not for me. I don't know why I ever thought that I can rock an orange eyeshadow :) .

I was not turned off by my failure to make Mediteranee work, I even bought more. The next I got was Brazil, which was what I should have picked in the first place. This duo is more up my alley, a metallic ginger and metallic rose shades. These are 'safe' colors, but they are beautiful nonetheless. I love both shades. I usually use the metallic ginger as a wash all over the lid and the rose color close to the lashline or on the crease.  Brazil and Cheyenne are my 'no brainer' eyeshadows. I initially thought that Cheyenne was just a darker version of Brazil, it does look that way on the pan, but they are very different when swatched. Cheyenne has yellowish-brown (sienna) and burgundy plum shades. I apply this the same way as the Brazil duo.

I have to admit that I got Kalahari beacause of the hype, it is supposed to be one of the best neutrals out there. I was sold when I read one makeup artist (I don't remember who)  mention that he uses this eyeshadow the most because it's beautiful and suits most people. I thought, if the expert approves, then it must be good. 

Kalahari duo is described in the NARS website as gold confection and sugared cocoa. Looking at the eyshadow, I don't know which shade is which. I see the colors as brown and taupe.  Compared to the other three duos, this has the least color pay-off. There is also some fall-out when using the brown shade and the texture is not as smooth and buttery as the others. It is indeed a good neutral combination, but I don't feel like it is exceptional. I guess I expected more because it is so popular.

The NARS duos come in rubberized black packaging that is a pain to clean. I can never keep mine spotless. There is always always  powder, glitter or something sticking on them. The packaging is compact and seems really sturdy. Each duo is 0.14 oz/4 g which is a lot compared to most brands. Except for Brazil, all are available at NARS website. I'm not sure if Brazil is discontinued, but I'm sure that one can still acquire it from other sellers online.

I am certainly interested in trying out more NARS products. I really feel bad that I can no longer get it at Sephora. I will be travelling in a few weeks time and I'm hoping to pick atleast some of their blushes to try.

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