Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guerlain Meteorites Compact Pressed Powder

the powder is engraved with Guerlain's rosette
This pressed powder is part of Guerlain's Meteorites range. It is an illuminating and mattifying pressed powder that is supposed to get rid of the 'oil slick' and give you that radiant complexion.

I don't know if I look radiant, but I love to use this to set my foundation. I have it in 02 Teint Beige. Using the puff that comes with the compact, I press the powder into my skin and brush away any excess. The powder is finely milled, feels very light on my skin and it does not take away the finish of the foundation I used ( I like to use satin finish ). With some powders, I end looking too matte and powdery. I never had that problem with Guerlain's Meteorite Compact.

As for oil control, I find that this works just like most powders - not better, not worst. I enjoy using this for touch up because it does not feel and look  like I just piled more product on. When I need to retouch, I blot my face with tissue  first and then apply the powder. I find that it still gives a natural finish.

This powder has no coverage, it will not conceal blemishes and other skin imperfections. For this reason, I only use this on top of foundation.

the compact opens and close by a button mechanism
 As for the packaging, it is classic Guerlain - beautiful and fancy. I was surprised the first time I picked up the compact, it is so lightweight. It looks like it is made of metal but it is actually made of plastic.  The compact fits the palm of my hand nicely. The top is decorated with the pink rosette that is found in the packaging of all Meteorites powders. The compact opens and close by a button mechanism on the side. The mirror inside is of very good quality, and there is a small, thin white powder puff to apply the product. The puff looks flimsy but is actually effective. The powder is heavily scented with Guerlain's signature fragrance that is present in their Meteorites products.

the top of the compact decorated with the pink rosette

photos and product are from my own collection


  1. Is this worth the money? Ive wanted to try it but I Know guerlain is pricey lol

  2. @xxhna, it is a good powder but not a must have if you already have a powder that works. But if you like Guerlain and their Meteorites, you might want to check this out too. It is worth the money for me because I don't end up looking like I went 'powder-happy' which I tend to get with other powders.

  3. I need to find a good setting powder that helps with oil control. This may not be the one, although it is so tempting because I just *want* to have it!

  4. @ mandy, Yup I would not recommend this for oil control. Guerlain is doing a good job in the tempting department, they must specialize on it :)

  5. I've been wanting this powder forever! Their darkest shade Dore seems too light for me.:(


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