Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Drying And Maintaining The Shape Of Your Brush

Don't you hate it when after you wash and dry that new brush, it does not resemble the one that you bought?  The one you got at the store is nice and compact, but after washing, the bristles are splayed and all over the place. Well, there is a way to prevent those bristles from splaying and keep the shape of your brush. You can get a Brush Guard or you can use tissue paper.

I learned this from Dusty Hunter ( link of his YouTube video is here ). I do mine a little differently, but the principle is the same. 

The trick is to wrap your damp brush in tissue paper and let it dry the that way. Immediately after washing, I squeeze and shake the water out of the brush, take a piece of tissue paper ( I often cut a facial tissue into 2, for face brushes, and into 4, for eye brushes) and wrap it tightly around the bristles and ferule. You can fold the tissue to give it more strength. Afterwards, I dry the brush on the edge of a table with the bristles hanging out.

tightly wrap the tissue around the bristles of the brush
dry the brush with the bristles hanging out

Brushes washed and air dried
Inglot 15BJF, Sephora #40, Sephora #43

MAC 224, MAC 219, MAC 217

Same brushes washed and dried while wrapped in tissue paper
Inglot 15BJF, Sephora # 40, Sephora # 43
MAC 224, MAC 219, MAC 217

As for the Kabuki brush, the idea I came up with is to use the inner barrel of my hair curler instead of the cylindrical cardboard that holds a roll of tissue. I just push my Kabuki brush inside the barrel (the handle going in first) and I am able to dry my brush with the bristles facing down. The hair curler has lots of holes, so air will be able to circulate and the brush will dry faster.

insert the Kabuki brush with the handle first

Thank you for reading and hopefully this is helpful to you.

photos and products are from my own collection


  1. Great tips! I am going to try this method with my brushes.

  2. Great idea with the kabuki!


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