Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brush Review : MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

If there is a brush in my collection that deserves to be reviewed first, this has to be it. I got this few moths ago when I was actively searching for a new foundation brush. Prior to this, I was using the MAC 187 duo fibre brush, Sephora #45 mineral powder brush and Inglot 21T foundation brush. These are all good brushes but I was not 100% happy with them and I wanted something that worked better.

MAC has 3 duo fibre brushes in their permanent line - the 187, the 188 (smaller/narrower version of the 187) and the 130 which is shorter and denser. The brushes are made of a combination of natural bristles and synthetic fibres. The natural bristles are from goat hair and the synthetic fibres are made of  fibre-optic material. Duo fibre brushes are more commonly known as stippling brushes because the 'stipple and buff' application technique is usually employed when using these brushes. 

MAC 187, Sephora #45, MAC 130

The 130 brush has a silver metal ferrule and black wooden handle. The handle is engraved with the MAC 130 label  in silver, and like all MAC brushes, the label eventually fades. There was some shedding of the natural bristles, my brush lost a few hairs but not enough to alarm me. The shedding eventually stopped after few washes.

The short and dense bristles, as well as the flat top of the 130 brush makes foundation application easy. The 187 can stipple a product well, but I had trouble with the buffing, I feel that the synthetic bristles on the 187 are too long that the brush ends up being too soft to buff liquid and cream products. The 130, however, will stipple and buff like a dream. It works the product into the skin and I don't have to worry about streaky foundation. The smaller size also makes it easier to get around the nose area and under the eyes. I used this with liquid foundation and cream blush. I read that some people use this to apply powder highlighters and bronzers, but I have not tried that.

MAC 130 and MAC  187 for comparison

The brush is easy to wash and dries fast.  I use some MAC cleanse off oil first to remove all the colors and then wash with shampoo and rinse. I usually wash my brushes after every use, but I have tried using this twice or three times without washing and it still gave good results.

This is my favorite foundation brush so far and the most used  among my face brushes. I still would like to try MAC 109 or if I can get my hands on it, the Shu Uemura  #18 foundation brush. I heard that these are also great multitasking brushes. If you own any of these brushes, I would like to know your thoughts on them.


  1. The MAC 130 *used* to be my favorite foundation brush until I took a leap of chance and tried the Sigma F80. The MAC is a great brush still, but the Sigma stole my heart. :-(

  2. Wow, great post! I really like the MAC brushes.. they are so sturdy and last a long time. The only ones I own are the special edition red ones that come during the holidays and even those are nice :)

  3. When I bought the 130 awhile ago, I was looking for a good bronzer brush and I was told the 130 was good for applying bronzers.

  4. Thanks for review, I'll try this


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