Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Swatches

Since people are going ga-ga over Inglot, I thought I'll open my blog with swatches of my Freedom System Palettes. Swatch photos from blogs are always helpful whenever I'm trying to research a product, I want to return the favor by posting swatches of my own. They probably are not the best but, I hope to improve as I continue to post more.

In the Inglot Freedom System, you choose the colors to fill the palette. Inglot has a vast color selection to choose from. The palettes come as 3-pans (trio), 4-pans (quads), 5-pans (quint) and 10 pans. You can also choose between square pans or round pans. I have two 10 square pan eyeshadow palettes.

The Palette:


This is my very first Inglot palette. My favorites in this palette are Pearl 399 and Pearl 420. I would describe Pearl 399 as an old rose pink and Pearl 420 as light silvery purple.

Browns Palette:


I filled my second palette with brown eyeshadows because these are the colors that I use on a regular basis. My fave on this palette is Pearl 402, just because it is taupe ( I love me some taupe ). It is lighter but similar to Satin Taupe by MAC.

All the eyeshadows are pigmented, smooth, with buttery texture and blend really well. They are shimmery but not over the top. They come in a variety of finish, Pearl is my favorite. They last up to 10 hours on me without creasing but I always use a primer (Too-faced shadow insurance). After 10 hours I usually start to notice creasing but I don't mind, I think it's too much to ask an eyeshadow not to crease after 10 hours of wear.

The buzz around Inglot is generated mostly by their eyeshadows and I totally get why. I have other products from their line but their freedom system eyeshadows are the ones that stand out for me.

all photos and products are from my own collection


  1. I've never tried INGLOT before, but that neutral palette looks gorgeous!O_O I love me some taupe, too lol.:)

  2. Thanks! You should try Inglot, I'm sure youl'll love it


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